Three Giant Squirrels

in a masked robe with a ring of levitation and illusions

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Corinthian Helmet, Bronze, c. 510 BCE, The British Museum

Ancient Greek cuirass, Bronze c. 620-580 BCE, National Archeological Museum of Spain

Pair of greaves with a Gorgon’s head in relief on each knee, Bronze, made in Apulia, c. 550–500 BCE, The British Museum

Ancient Greek sling bullets with engravings. One side depicts a winged thunderbolt, and the other, the Greek inscription “take that” (ΔΕΞΑΙ) in high relief, Lead, 4th century BCE, The British Museum

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And now for something completely normal:

8.5 x 6.5 cm, hand-dyed yellowish paper (120 g/cm), blue cotton endbands with a glass bead bookmark string, vintage leather. Fits into a pocket, you can keep a pencil tied to it and have all those passwords and codes and phone numbers in one place.

For sale as soon as I figure out paypal and photograph at least 2 more books I’ve made (I’ll make one big post with all the sale stuff then). Seriously, I’m hitting a point where affording the materials for new books is one thing and finding space to keep them is another!

Gotta sell old stuff to make new stuff “:D

Ideas? Questions? Suggestions?

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