Three Giant Squirrels

in a masked robe with a ring of levitation and illusions

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Featuring current WIPs as well as finished minibooks in a display chest set I’m working on at the moment. Book sizes vary from 22 mm to 80mm (that brown leather tied-up thing in the corner of the main chest), most are around 3 cm.

♦ Leather-bound minis in sheep and goat skin, with hand-woven cotton endbands and hand-dyed paper, glass beads and cold-hammered brass lock

♦ Oblivion minibooks, “Guide” series with hand-dyed paper (37mm scale), other (42mm scale) with unidentified old yellow office paper from early 1960s (Bark and Sap, On Morrowind, Children of the Sky)

"The Lusty Argonian Maid" ended up with horrible align errors and I’ll have to remake it from scratch.

♣ Oblivion book jacket textures were extracted (in .dds format) from the awesome TES mod @ - one of the better book retexture mods for TES.

….and that leaves me with 9 TES minibooks out of way over 200 textures I’ve extracted out of the game. Guess this will take a while.

ALL MINIBOOKS are usable - they can be opened and written in, they are all blank inside. Paper varies from 90 g/cm2 to ~160g/cm2

Got ideas for minibooks, props, and stuff?Tell me!

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